Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary Focus:
The Hopi
Key Vocabulary: Mesas, ancestors, mission, plaza, reservation, ritual.
Vocabulary Activity: The students are to create two, word teepees. Students will fold a sheet of paper into three equal parts going long ways. On each part the student will find the word in the story and write the sentence that the word is located in. They will also write the definition given in the back of the book for those words. Example: Our houses were built out of trees. To Build: To construct a house or object out of materials. Once all the words and definitions have been written, students can paste the edge of the paper together and build their vocabulary teepees.

The Seminole
Key Vocabulary: Constitution, continent, refuge, peninsula, domesticated.
Vocabulary Activity: On a graphic organizer, students are to complete a vocabulary activity. For each word students are to write the definition, which they can find in the back of the book. Once the definition has been written, students can use magazines or colored pencils and they can paste or draw a picture of the vocabulary word meaning. See Handout for graphic organizer.

The Iroquois
Key Vocabulary: Aisle, clan, moccasin, tradition, confederacy, community.
Vocabulary Activity: With a partner students are to pick a word that they want to become experts on. Every group must have a different word. With your partner, students will find their word in the story, and write the sentence that contains that word. As a group you will define that word using the context clues from the story and the pictures they provide. Once every group has defined their word, each group will get to be experts and tell what they think the word means, the rest of the class will then check them and see how close there definition was to the definition given in the glossary.